Farm plot

Since the first quest in the game takes place on a farm, I thought I’d start making some farm assets.  Here’s what I came up with.

You can sort of make out the weird, sad fruits on the plants in the field.  I thought that was kind of funny.

Fishing Shack

Here’s that fishing shack I mentioned.

The ground and the water are just placeholders so that the building wouldn’t just be floating.  I added some crates around the back door as a part of this asset, but I’ll probably end up separating those off and placing them in the world editor.  That way the terrain will be a little easier to create around this building, and I can just place the boxes on the ground wherever it ends up.  This whole thing is, of course, subject to change since I don’t really have story built around the building yet, but I still think it looks pretty nice.

Penrith Forest

It’s kind of weird to call this a “forest” because there are zero trees so far, but here you go:

The lighting is bad but you can at least sort of make out the farmhouse, a crate, a wheelbarrow, and a lamp post.  All of these objects were added to and saved into the scene by the world editor.  I moved them all into place and rotated them around to look the way I wanted.  Again, this was all done in the world editor!!  You can still see the purple test boxes because I haven’t put in the object removal functionality yet, but it’s coming.  This also demonstrates how important light editing features are going to be.  All in all I’m so excited to be at this point.  The world editor’s controls are a bit awkward but the whole thing absolutely works and that’s the part that’s important for now.

New tree

I modeled a little tree today.

I like this one because it leans a little and has the crotch right below the leaves, but also because it’s exactly 100 triangles.  It will be fun to see just how low-poly I can create more complicated objects and still keep things interesting.

I may be stalling

The truth is that I really don’t want to dig into the camera controls for the game.  Since I’m using a FollowCamera it does a lot of the work for me but also sort of hides most of the details.  For instance, I was trying to do some very basic mouse event capture and was getting weird results.  I can only assume this is because BabylonJS is capturing mouse events as part of the FollowCamera, but I don’t really know.  What’s happening is probably well documented somewhere but I haven’t taken the time to dig in and find out yet, so for now it’s a little frustrating.  I didn’t really get anything done last night because there was a car wreck at the entrance to the neighborhood where I live and it took out the power for a big chunk of the night.

So, a distraction.  The game needed some grass.Isn’t that maybe the most realistic grass you’ve ever seen in your life, including times you’ve seen actual grass with your actual eyeballs?  It’s 24 triangles and, of course, no collider.  So I can add a ton of these to the game without affecting performance much.  Why, you ask, not just use a texture on a plane?  After all, that’s just 2 triangles.  True, but I’m trying to stick to a “materials only” style for performance reasons.  This model is actually a solid object with volume.  I may try to make some other grass that’s just a double-sided flat mesh.  I know BabylonJS can handle double-sided materials, but I’m not 100% sure how to tell it in Blender that’s what I want.  Also, I may eventually make an exception to the no textures rule for simple elements like this since I can keep the texture sizes very small.  We’ll see.

Can you smell what this rock is cooking?

It’s potatoes.  This is a Polish rock.Ok, it’s not a Polish rock.  It’s a normal rock.  And it took like 45 seconds to model, so I tried to do something a little humorous to break up the monotony of posting a picture of a virtual rock.  I hope no one is offended.  This is rock001.  Which means I can make 998 more individual rock models of this same amazing quality before I need to change my asset naming scheme, so get ready.

Penrith Tower

Holy moly!  So freakin’ spooky!

Oooooooooooooohhhhh!!! (ghosty noises)

Ok, so no one’s shaking in his boots over this one (yet) but I’m pleased with the progress so far.  It needs a good bit more work but this is a nice starting point.  As of right now, this tower has no planned purpose in the plot of the game.  It might be nice if players had the ability to look out of the windows.  Like, the inside isn’t modeled but if you interact with the door you can say “climb the tower” and then the game camera is just place in front of the top windows so the player can look at the glory of Penrith Forest.  Or maybe the tower will actually have some significance.  Who knows.


Every game needs scene filler, and crates happen to be pretty good at that, so I made one.

Oh how lovely, ye crate of mine.

I’m also going to try and build assets from now on that are scaled as correctly as possible.  It just saves work later on if I don’t have to change the scale of things with the engine.  Here’s the crate next to a 2 meter tall character reference.

Crate with a 2 meter tall character reference

So now that I have that pesky “no crates” problem solved, the rest of this project should just fall right into place.