Release Announcement

This is a very small release update but it represents a good bit of education on my part.  I’m doing as much research on the Godot Engine as I can.  This includes learning what I can on code structure for an RPG, or really any game.  I know how to program, but I have very little experience as a software engineer, and even less as a game developer, so getting a base of knowledge about how to structure a project as big as an RPG is going to be crucial if there is any chance for this project to take off.

The only change in this release is that you can walk over the white block and the scene changes to the “battle arena.”  You can’t actually do anything once you get there, but the scene change does happen and the character can’t move while the scene is changing.  Also, there is a decent little fade-in and fade-out during the transition.

Again, this is a very small update, but that’s kind of the idea I’m going for with very small, hopefully very frequent updates.  If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments be sure to leave them below.

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