Penrith Tower

Asset Spotlight

Holy moly!  So freakin’ spooky!

Oooooooooooooohhhhh!!! (ghosty noises)

Ok, so no one’s shaking in his boots over this one (yet) but I’m pleased with the progress so far.  It needs a good bit more work but this is a nice starting point.  As of right now, this tower has no planned purpose in the plot of the game.  It might be nice if players had the ability to look out of the windows.  Like, the inside isn’t modeled but if you interact with the door you can say “climb the tower” and then the game camera is just place in front of the top windows so the player can look at the glory of Penrith Forest.  Or maybe the tower will actually have some significance.  Who knows.


Asset Spotlight

Every game needs scene filler, and crates happen to be pretty good at that, so I made one.

Oh how lovely, ye crate of mine.

I’m also going to try and build assets from now on that are scaled as correctly as possible.  It just saves work later on if I don’t have to change the scale of things with the engine.  Here’s the crate next to a 2 meter tall character reference.

Crate with a 2 meter tall character reference

So now that I have that pesky “no crates” problem solved, the rest of this project should just fall right into place.


Asset Spotlight

Here’s a wheelbarrow:

My thought at this point is to make all assets in Lyridia very low polygon, flat shaded, and with no textures.  This keeps the asset file sizes very small and will hopefully mean lower bandwidth requirements and that the game will run on less powerful hardware.  This wheelbarrow, exported to BabylonJS‘s export format, is only 13 KB.

The general style of this wheelbarrow is what I’m going for with the whole game.  Hopefully it’s a style that works.