Penrith Forest

Asset Spotlight, Planning and Development

It’s kind of weird to call this a “forest” because there are zero trees so far, but here you go:

The lighting is bad but you can at least sort of make out the farmhouse, a crate, a wheelbarrow, and a lamp post.  All of these objects were added to and saved into the scene by the world editor.  I moved them all into place and rotated them around to look the way I wanted.  Again, this was all done in the world editor!!  You can still see the purple test boxes because I haven’t put in the object removal functionality yet, but it’s coming.  This also demonstrates how important light editing features are going to be.  All in all I’m so excited to be at this point.  The world editor’s controls are a bit awkward but the whole thing absolutely works and that’s the part that’s important for now.

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