Development schedule, 2018.02.01

Planning and Development

Next steps for Chronicles of Tright: Lyridia

  1. Basic multiplayer support
    • This will only include the ability to see other players roaming around on the current map
  2. Better camera controls
    • Right now the camera just stays behind the player.  I need to add the ability to move the camera around the player and change the pitch to look up or down.  Zooming also needs to be improved so that when you zoom all the way in the controls turn into first person.  Also, the camera needs to automatically zoom so that the view of the player won’t be blocked by objects in the scene.  This will also prevent players from seeing the inside of assets or the under side of the terrain.
  3. Jumping
    • The entire movement system really needs to be re-written.  It works now but is very jerky sometimes.  Adding the ability for players to jump may require this, but I don’t know right now.
  4. Continue improving Penrith Forest
    • The area needs more plants, the farmhouse needs to be improved, and I need to add a gatehouse at the exit so that players are prevented from leaving until they finish the tutorial quests.  Once the tutorial quests are done, the player can use the gatehouse as a transition point to the rest of the world.

There are many, many more things to get done, but this is a decent list to try and finish during the first few weeks of February.  Once all of these are done, I’ll publish the very first version of the game.  You won’t be able to really do anything but walk around Penrith Forest, and you’ll be trapped there, but with the features listed above in place I think I’ll be willing to call it a very early alpha version of the game.

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