Codex Magnus v00001

Today I’m releasing the very first version of Chronicles of Tright: Codex Magnus. It’s a silly little thing that only technically qualifies as a game, but it’s a starting place. Check out the Codex Magnus page in the top navigation to give it a whirl.

Because I’m developing this game incrementally and starting with such an incredibly simple base updates will come frequently, especially at the beginning. I’m guessing I’ll release multiple updates per week at least for the first few weeks. After that it may slow down, but making small improvements to what I have now should be fast and easy.

v00004 (2018.06.23)

Lyridia v00004 (2018.06.23) is now live.  Here are some new features in this version:

  • Improved enemy movement and control.  The boars now won’t walk through trees and move around somewhat more naturally.
  • Better animations.  Admittedly, they’re still bad but when you move it now looks at least a little like the guy is running and there is an idle animation and an attack animation that triggers if you press ‘1’.

That’s a pretty short list but getting animations to work from Blender to THREE.js has been just this side of a nightmare, so hopefully the next steps will be easier.

v00003 (2018.06.10)

Chronicles of Tright: Lyridia v00003 is now live.  Here are the things that are new in this version:

  • Collisions
    • Collisions are buggy at the moment and completely un-optimized.  Be careful because I’ve had my browser crash several times during testing, especially around the random blue tombstone.  This is something that will need some more attention going forward, but does mostly work for now.
  • Enemies that follow the terrain
    • The 10 boars still don’t really look very realistic in any way, but at least they don’t sink into the ground or float in the air.  The boars also move somewhat smoothly from location to location between update messages from the server.  Position updates are still only emitted once per second, but each boar tweens between the position of the previous position and the position of the most recent update.
  • Improved, but still terrible animations
    • You can press space to make the player jump (if you aren’t moving) or press ‘1’ to see a really awful punching motion.  This is an area that obviously needs much work.
  • Better terrain
    • Penrith Forest is basically a bowl valley.  Right now you can walk right up the steep slopes around it, but eventually that will change.
  • Very, very basic NPC interaction
    • If you move relatively close to the guy next to the house and put your mouse cursor over him, he will be highlighted.  If you click while he’s highlighted you get a goofy message.
  • More stuff in the world
    • I added quite a few trees and some other scene filler

It really feels like I should have more to list here because I seem to be implementing new things all the time, but I guess that just really shows the enormity of what this project really is.  I’ll take a little time tonight to start preparing a list of things to implement next, but if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

v00002 (2018.05.24)

Today I’ve release v00002 of Chronicles of Tright: Lyridia.  You can play by going to the Lyridia page in the top menu, or by clicking here.  Things added in this version:

  • Simple multiplayer support
    • You can’t really interact with the world, but if multiple people are playing you should be able to see multiple characters walking around
  • Basic animations
    • Animations are actually a bit of a mess right now due to a bug in THREE.js.  Hopefully they will get better after a new release in a few weeks.
  • A starting point for adding enemies
    • Right now there are 10 boars roaming around a specified region of Penrith Forest.  You can’t interact with them and they don’t even move on top of the terrain, but it’s a start.

On a side note, I have added support for a development version of the Node server that runs the game.  That means my development activities won’t break the game that’s running live, which is always a positive.

Check out the new version, and leave a comment with what you want to see added next.


You can now run Chronicles of Tright: Lyridia – v00001.  That link will eventually be incorrectly titled because it just points to the latest available version of the game and that should change very soon.  That’s really neither here nor there because you can now go PLAY THE GAME*!!!  I’ve put an asterisk beside the word “game” because there aren’t any real “game” features at this time.  All you can really do is use the ‘wasd’ keys to walk around.  But it’s a start.  So, if you’re into walking around very small 3D scenes feel free to check it out.

The list of things the game doesn’t do is much, much longer than the list of things it does do.  Of course, I guess that’s technically true of any game.  Like, World of Warcraft doesn’t make you toast, or clean your house.  I digress.  What it does do is draw a scene you can walk around in.  You stay grounded on the terrain and you are magic because you can walk through buildings and trees.  It makes some shadows and hides things that are too far away from you in fog.  That’s really about it.  I’ll be finalizing the list of features to include v00002 over the next few days then hopefully have another release shortly after that.