Release Announcement

You can now run Chronicles of Tright: Lyridia – v00001.  That link will eventually be incorrectly titled because it just points to the latest available version of the game and that should change very soon.  That’s really neither here nor there because you can now go PLAY THE GAME*!!!  I’ve put an asterisk beside the word “game” because there aren’t any real “game” features at this time.  All you can really do is use the ‘wasd’ keys to walk around.  But it’s a start.  So, if you’re into walking around very small 3D scenes feel free to check it out.

The list of things the game doesn’t do is much, much longer than the list of things it does do.  Of course, I guess that’s technically true of any game.  Like, World of Warcraft doesn’t make you toast, or clean your house.  I digress.  What it does do is draw a scene you can walk around in.  You stay grounded on the terrain and you are magic because you can walk through buildings and trees.  It makes some shadows and hides things that are too far away from you in fog.  That’s really about it.  I’ll be finalizing the list of features to include v00002 over the next few days then hopefully have another release shortly after that.

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