First Release

Release Announcement

Today I released v0.00.001 of Chronicles of Tright: Isles of Arden.  It’s a stretch to call this anything like a game at this point.  It’s really just boilerplate code and a starting point for future development.  It was also a chance for me to test out some procedures for packing the code base up into a release and publishing it.  But it is a starting point and I’m weirdly excited to put out something so terrible.  You can move the character around with WASD.  Collision detection works and I’m using my own custom collision detection and response system.  The collision box around the one house on the map is intentionally oversized and the art assets are intentionally bad as they are just placeholders.  That’s really about it.

My idea here is to make numerous incremental releases on a quick schedule.  I’ve tried this before and had some success with it so I’m going this route again.  Once I get to the server side coding it may be more difficult to make such rapid changes but that’s a world I’m going to need so much work on that I’ll just cross that bridge when I get to it.  I obviously have many, many, MANY things to do before this is even close to a playable game, but I’m going to try and keep the additions for each release small and attainable.  So, for v0.00.002 I need to implement:

  • Mouse controls that allow you to zoom, rotate, and change the pitch of the camera
  • Keyboard controls for strafing
  • Fix the collision box on the current house and add one more object to the world

That’s a small list that I can hopefully get done in a few days.  I’ll then do another release and evaluate what features to add from there.

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