Unity terrain

Planning and Development

I’ve had my confidence in the Unity WebGL exporter somewhat restored by a little experiment tonight.  I changed the terrain in the game to a built-in terrain type object, instead of just putting a mesh collider on a big terrain mesh.  This seemed to work much better once the game was exported to WebGL without the weird hang ups I was getting before.  The stock third person controller kind of blows, but I guess I can deal with that.  The only real reason I was using a separately modeled object with a mesh collider was to get the low poly look I like on the terrain because the stock tools won’t allow you to do that with a Unity terrain object.  So this means I’ll either have to just deal with the terrain looking different from the rest of the game, ditch the low poly look entirely, or figure out how to make a Unity terrain object look the way I want.  I believe there are assets in the Unity Store that do exactly what I want, so if I ever fully settle on Unity as the game engine I want to use, maybe I’ll pony up the cash to purchase an asset that gives me the look I want.  For now, however, the terrain is just going to be smooth and textured while virtually everything else is faceted with no textures.

On a lighter note, happy birthday Lydia!  You’re lots of fun.

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