Taking a step back…again

Planning and Development

As cool as Unity is as a platform, it just doesn’t feel right for this project.  That’s tough because it’s obviously a professional tool and some really cool things have been made with it.  After several days of thinking about it I decided to take a look at BabylonJS again.  I’ve used that library before and it was quite cool, I just remember I got frustrated with the built-in collision detection system.  After spending months with various collision detection algorithms and never having much luck getting anything implemented, minor annoyances with the way Babylon operates seem less significant now.  I’ve been messing around with Babylon the last few days and I already have a heightmap-based terrain with a box character walking around on it, complete with collision detection and gravity.  I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to keep the character from being able to walk up a very steep slope, but screw it.  I’ll figure that out later.  You also can’t jump, but screw that, too.  I know that can be implemented correctly but if I fight with it too much right now I’m going to give up on Babylon too and then I’ll be back to square one trying to use THREE.js and as much as I love THREE.js, the tools to create assets in Blender and import and use them in THREE.js simply aren’t ready yet and there’s no indication when they will be ready, whereas the Babylon exporter for Blender seems to work just fine right now.  So, for now, we’re moving ahead with Babylon.  It’s open source and it has many nice features, plus I can reuse my existing Node.js server side code with it, so there’s that.  I’ll try to post more frequently now that I’ve decided (again) on a tool to use, and hopefully get back to a regular release schedule as well.

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