Editor update

Planning and Development

I’m still working on the world editor.  I got the camera rotation, panning, and zooming working pretty much exactly the way I want, and I put a little octahedron at the point of the camera target just so I can tell where it’s looking.  Now I’m working on a UI design for the editor.  So far I’ve created a little menu at the top of the screen with a few options and some drop-down options too.  I also added a dynamic box so that I can select which chunk I want to edit.  As a side note I’ve finalized that the chunks are 1,024 x 1,024 meters, and the center of the world is at chunk [127, 127].  Assuming that the world extends out equally from this point, which is not strictly a requirement moving forward, it is 256 x 256 chunks.  That’s a square world that is 262,144 meters on a side, or 162 miles.  The total potential area is over 26,000 square miles.  That’s actually way, way too big to fit within the lore of Tright.  Lyridia will actually be closer to the size of Jamaica, maybe around 4,000 square miles.  That’s still almost 100 x 100 chunks.  There’s is absolutely no way I would be able to create 10,000 chunks of content by myself, but that’s ok.  If I make a settlement on the east edge of the island and then one on the west edge I don’t necessarily have to create all 98 chunks in between them, so long as players can’t venture into areas that don’t exist.

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