More editor update

Planning and Development

The world editor is really starting to come together.  Here’s the latest:

World editor with a terrain and a few objects

It’s still pretty rudimentary, I realize, but in the editor I can now hit the little “Load Scene” button in the menu at the top and it opens a box that lists scenes that are available to load.  It then reads the scene file and the associated height map and creates a terrain and adds any objects from the scene file to the scene itself.  That white thing is a light helper that will probably eventually go away.  Once the scene is loaded you can rotate around, pan, and zoom to your heart’s content.  Again, I know this is pretty basic stuff but it’s cool to me that I’m emulating some of the basic functionality of Blender but in a browser.  I now need to implement that button that says “Add Asset” so that I can actually add stuff to the scene.  I also need improve the tools to manipulate objects in the scene, add lights, improve the terrain editor, etc., etc., etc.

Also, GIMP 2.10.0 is out and looks great so far.

Also, happy birthday Josh!

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