Better animation

Planning and Development

Last night I made a simple, bad run cycle for my test character and put it in the game.  I then updated the game so that the player only “runs” when he is moving.  The animation is still very rudimentary in that it just starts when you move and stops when you stop.  There’s no blending to make it smoothly transition between idle and running or anything fancy like that.  It’s a very basic start, but it’s a start.

My development schedule from back on February 1st hasn’t gone exactly as planned.  I have basic multiplayer in place, and I’ve been improving Penrith Forest here and there, but I’ve done nothing with the camera controls or jumping.  Instead I’ve been working on this animation stuff.  I’ve also reorganized all of the code into a format that’s easier for me to work with.  I don’t really want to mess with the camera controls or jumping since both open a can of worms, but I guess I will since it has to be done eventually.

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