Simple animation


I spent some time today trying to do a really basic animation for my player character.  I had to go back and brush up on my Blender rigging skills but I managed to make a truly horrible animation that loops for your player in the game.

I fully realize that it’s hard to tell from these two images that any animation is happening at all, but trust me, the player now does this terrible flailing kick and arm waiving motion that makes no sense.  Fortunately, my goal was not to create something believable as character movement, but just to have the character move at all and I accomplished that.  Using animations in BabylonJS isn’t too complicated as long as you get the export out of Blender done correctly, so in the near future I’ll try to make an actual walk/run cycle along with an idle animation and maybe even an attack animation.  Then I’ll try to do some animation blending so that you can run and attack at the same time.

Bonus: you can see the new spooooooooky tower off in the fog in the images above.

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