New direction

Planning and Development

After much consideration I’ve decided that a 3d game was just too ambitious for now. I still believe it is totally possible to make a game the way I was trying to do it, just not with the abilities and resources that I have to devote to the project right now. Instead, I have decided to create a 2d game that will act as a precursor to the 3d game that I eventually would like to build. I’m going to keep the details light for a little while as I sort out exactly what this new game will look like, but I’m thinking very much along the lines of the older Final Fantasy games. That is, a party-based single player game with a largely linear storyline and tile based graphics. I’ve been doing some prototyping and so far it’s predictably much, much simpler to work in 2 dimensions than 3, so things are progressing quickly. I will probably have to eventually get some outside help on the pixel art because I’m just not much of a 2d artist, but there’s time to figure that out later.

I’m going to give myself until January 31 to get my ideas completely worked out in my head, then on February 1 I’ll post some concrete details here about the story, the technologies I’m using, and hopefully a timeline of when a playable product will be available.

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