Improving animations

Planning and Development

The alternate Blender glTF exporter seems to be working great.  I exported my player character and the actions defined in Blender showed up just fine.  After some fiddling I was able to get those animations to play in Lyridia.  So I now have an idle animation, a run animation, and an attack animation.  The idle animation plays when you’re, um, idle.  And the other two are self explanatory as well.  Right now the attack is just a sort of punching motion and it’s not very expressive.  I think I might give the character a sword and modify the attack action just so that it’s more obvious what’s happening.  Once that’s done, I’ll definitely release a new version, so look for that this weekend.

There are definitely big parts of the animation system in THREE.js that I don’t understand at all right now.  I tried using the crossFadeTo function but had absolutely no luck getting it to work.  Presumably it can be used because there are examples that use it, but I may punt on that issue for now just to keep moving forward with more substantive game features.

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