Still struggling along

Planning and Development

The animation pipeline from Blender to THREE.js is just horrible.  I want to use the glTF file format because that seems like it will be supported the best in the future but the official Blender exporter from Khronos Group doesn’t support multiple animations.  I’m not sure how that’s not a core feature, but apparently it isn’t.  I found another exporter plugin that seems to play more nicely.  I was able to create a very simple scene with a cube that just moves around, but it’s movement is defined by two different actions in Blender and the export to glTF is actually working.  I’m really disappointed in how kludgy this whole process is, but these standards are all rapidly changing so hopefully the official exporter will be updated soon and maybe things will be a little clearer to me as well when I’ve spend more time creating animations in Blender.  In any case, I’ve seriously wanted to just rage quit the whole project several times over this, but maybe I can just barely, barely see the light at the end of the tunnel for this process.

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