Animation frustration

Planning and Development

My simple animations are working in one place, but not the other.  This is very frustrating.  Maybe if I describe it here I’ll magically see what I’m doing wrong.  I develop and test Lyridia on two different machines.  One is a Windows 10 box with an old but ok graphics card and an old but decent processor.  The other is my Ubuntu machine that I wrote about earlier.  For reasons that I absolutely do not understand, when I run Lyridia on my Windows 10 machine I see my goofy animations.  When I run the exact same code in the same browser on the Ubuntu computer, the player character doesn’t render at all.  No error messages in the console, no other apparent problems, just no player character.  I can walk around just like normal, I just can’t see the character.  I know that skinned meshes will work on the Ubuntu machine because the examples on work just fine, but I have no idea why the specific thing I’m doing works in one place but not another.  I’ll keep hacking away at it because this is a pretty big deal to get working correctly, I’m just confused.

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