Animation frustration (continued)

Planning and Development

I still don’t understand exactly what I changed but I was able to get my player character’s running animation to play on my secondary test machine.  The process isn’t exactly simple but if I have a .blend file that exports correctly that I can use as a template, and a scene that imports the .json file correctly and actually plays the animation clips correctly, I can handle it.  This is one of the major downsides of not using an integrated environment like Unity.  Since THREE.js has tons of moving parts and Blender has extra-tons of moving parts, it can be a bit tricky to get an asset to move out of one and into the other and maintain the desired behavior.  I’ll still create a tutorial on this process because simple, straightforward documentation on this specific task either doesn’t exist online, or is very difficult to find.  I’m just happy to make some headway here because I was starting to get worried that if I couldn’t figure this out the whole project would end up derailed.  Crisis averted, for now.

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