White flower

Feature Development, Planning and Development

I needed a small break from thinking about the world editor so I made a flower.

Here it is in all of it’s flowery glory.  It’s 249 triangles with 4 materials.  That’s actually a higher polygon count than I was hoping for, but since the petals are actually solid (not just planes) it bumped up the count a bit.  I can go back and make the petals into planes later if it becomes an issue, but I doubt it will.  Here’s a little closer shot so you can see all of the magnificent details.And here’s a shot where you can pretend you are a bug or some very small animal.  
I found Neverwinter a few days ago.  As with any game where you make fairly fast progress at the beginning it’s been really engrossing.  Unfortunately it’s eaten into the very limited amount of time I have to work on Lyridia, but I’m calling it market research because Neverwinter is free-to-play so it’s interesting to see how a real studio makes money from this business model.  It’s also a very pretty game and has inspired me to think about the style I want Lyridia to be, from the visuals to the audio to the general feel of the game.  I’m trying to work on the most basic bones of a game engine before I invest too much into what the final game will look like.  Once I get the base system working I have someone in mind I would like to collaborate with to work out the art style and much of the gameplay style as well, so hopefully I’ll be to that point by some time this summer.

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