Let there be grass

Planning and Development, World Editor

Penrith was feeling a little bare.  I have some friendly trees, a few buildings, even some random fences and water, but the ground was still pretty bare.  When walking around it was a little tough to tell if you were even moving because the trees might be far off and since there are places where there is little variation in the color of the ground, it was sometimes fairly unsatisfying.  So I created tools to add grass to my scenes.  There’s only one type of grass at the moment, and the whole process is Super Unoptimized™ but it already looks 10,000% better. 

I also turned on shadows for the screenshot above, so that helps.  The tool allows you to basically paint on grass, and it works surprisingly well.  Eventually I’ll need to add in multiple type of grass but for now I’m happy with it and will probably move on to something else.

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