Status update

Planning and Development

My new machine isn’t here yet.  I’m expecting it Saturday.  Still, I’ve been diving back into the codebase the last few days and continuing the reorganization project.  I’m now back to basic “walk around the map” functionality.  No collision detection, other than not falling through the terrain, but you can zoom the camera in and out.  I’ve also been working on some of the substance of the game since I really need to know what I’m building at this point, so that’s been helpful.  Penrith will still be the game’s starting area, but I have the first region semi-mapped out and a general scale for the whole game.  Lyridia is going to be a big place.  Or, at least it can be a big place.  The island is about 10,000 km².  That’s roughly the size of Jamaica.  Of course none of it will actually exist until I make it, but that’s the plan for now.

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