Color Maps

Planning and Development

I made progress on the tools to paint colors onto the terrain tonight.  Right now you can select the terrain then press ‘p’ to enter paint mode, then use a color picker to select the color you want to paint, then just left click and drag the mouse to paint wherever you like.  It really works quite well.  You can pick as many colors as you want and the editor stays interactive, although I did discover that if you make the selection circle very large it bogs down quite a bit.  That’s not really a problem, and could probably be optimized in the future if there’s ever a reason to do so.  You can’t save the color map for now, but that should be easy to implement.  I would like to add some simple convenience features soon.  For instance, I would like a toggle that allows you to paint with each face randomly different from the picked color by a very small amount.  That way when I paint, for instance, a large expanse of grass, each triangle should be a slightly different shade of green and I think that will make it more interesting.  Also, it would be nice to be able to temporarily hide the non-terrain features on the map, like buildings and trees.  It’s just easier to paint terrain without stuff in the way.  There are probably other features I will think of later, but for now I’m just super excited to have a toolset that is really coming along.  Once I can save the color map, I’ll really be in business.

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