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Feature Development

I’m honestly not sure what the next step is for development of the game.  I’ve been thinking about battle mechanics and I have an idea for a system that is pretty different from a typical open-world MMO, but I’m hesitant to go all in with the idea because I didn’t start this project to do things differently, and doing things differently involves risk.  That being said, doing things exactly the same as they’ve always been done also involves some risk, so I’m torn.  Because the battle system is pretty core to the game experience as a whole, I need to make this choice correctly the first time.  I’d rather not have to implement a new battle system after the game is up and running.  Of course, one of the nicest things about the web as a platform for games and not working for a big company is that I can try things that are probably completely crazy.  For instance, I could have the battle system work completely differently in different parts of the world, or maybe have open world battle done like a typical MMO then use something different for party play.  I’m only constrained by what I can think up and implement.

I’m glad I started this post because it’s help me decide to go back to the typical MMO open-world battle system for now.  That’s what players will be used to and if I want to add in another system later I can always do so.

So, I think my next step is to recreate an attack animation for the main character and implement a very basic battle system.  It will be nothing more advanced than “attack an enemy and it dies” but that will do for now.

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