A (potential) new direction

Planning and Development

I really like THREE.js.  It’s fast, light, and easy.  Well, it’s easy to do easy things with.  Unfortunately, the further I get with this project the more concerned I am that I need a more complete set of tools.  The thing that has really set me off the last several days is the pipeline, specifically for animated assets, from Blender to THREE.js.  One of my primary goals is to have the game run without the need for plugins or other installed software, which is what led me to THREE.js and WebGL in the first place.  After doing  a small amount of testing it appears that the WebGL exporter in Unity3d is finally fully supported.  Running a couple of WebGL demos created with Unity3d on my secondary test computer shows me that the WebGL exporter seems to be pretty efficient because the visual effects in the demos are miles ahead of what I’m going right now with THREE.js and it still has a decent frame rate.  Plus some physics and other things are also running in the demos, so it appears to be a viable option.  I’m not 100% convinced yet because there are some real concerns with switching toolsets, not the least of which is the learning curve involved, but I’m going to spend some time getting familiar with Unity3d and I’ll make a determination soon about whether it’s time to switch, or double down and try to create some better tools myself based on THREE.js.

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