Pigs on the MOVE!

Planning and Development

Ok, technically the boars were already moving around but now it’s not all jittery and jumpy.  I found a fun little library called Tween.js that does, you guessed it, tweening.  I have used the excellent CreateJS suite before and it includes tweening functionality, but Tween.js has examples specific to THREE.js so I went with it for now.  In any case my boars are still walking around in a completely random pattern and their location only changes once per second, but in between those 1-second updates the boar model moves smoothly.  This tweening thing will probably be a really big part of the whole project because rarely am I going to want anything in the world to just move instantly to a new location.  Anyway, I’m excited about how Lyridia looks now and I need to decide what to do next.

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