Editor improvements

Planning and Development

I’ve implemented two very helpful features in the world editor, specifically for terrain editing.  First, you can now change the strength of the raise/lower function.  The selection sphere’s opacity gets lower (so more opaque) when the strength is higher, so you can see approximately how much the terrain will be affected by the tool.  This is really helpful because when you want to make a mountain it’s almost impossible to use the tool at the same strength as when you are fine tuning the terrain around a building or other asset.  Second, I added a smoothing tool.  This is super, super helpful.  The tool just takes the same selection sphere for raising/lowering and averages the height of all the vertices within the sphere, then moves each vertex part of the way toward that average with each onmousemove.  It works almost unbelievably well and has already helped me make the terrain in Penrith Forest like 1,000% better.

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