World editor improvements

Planning and Development

I’ve slacked off the last few weeks as far as development goes but I got back into it tonight and made some good progress.  The world editor needed to be rewritten from the ground up and I’m still in the middle of that.  Even though that’s not done, the rewrite has already provided some better organization so I was able to add in a few small upgrades during the process.  Specifically, when you move an asset around in the world now there is no need to pick an axis along which to move.  Just right click on an object then move the mouse around and the object moves like you would expect it, regardless of how the camera is oriented.  This is a major improvement because moving trees and such before was a pretty big pain.  Also, when you move an object it automatically stays on the ground.  You can then specifically move it along the Y axis if you need to, but generally most things are going to be on (or near) the ground.

Tomorrow I’ll continue cleaning up and reorganizing the world editor but the next major improvement I need to add is a simple terrain painting tool.  That will actually be really fun because once that’s done I should be able to make some content that’s actually worth seeing.

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