Exclusion zones

Planning and Development

I’ve been pretty busy the last several days so I’m just getting around to implementing this but it looks like my exclusion zones are working.  After watching for several minutes it does not appear that the boars will walk into the cylinders surrounding the trees that were created in the map editor.  This took some wrangling as the collision zones are actually children of the enemy spawn point itself, so getting the correct coordinates to check against took a little fiddling, but it seems to be working.  One thing the code does not do at this point is check for paths through an exclusion zone.  That is, if a boar tries to walk from a point outside an exclusion zone that goes through an exclusion zone but stops again outside the exclusion zone, it won’t be stopped.  This isn’t an issue right now because the maximum distance traveled at each update is only 2 meters and the exclusion zones all have radii of about 5 meters, but eventually this will need to be improved.  Now I need to make a small improvement to make the boars move around just a little more naturally.

I’ve been working on some new animations for the player character so hopefully I can get those put in by this weekend and release a new version at that point.

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