Planning and Development

A basic, working system for gravity is now in place.  Eventually I would like for gravity to work a little more realistically because right now you fall at a rate of 9.81 m/s, not 9.81 m/s².  This isn’t a huge deal, but eventually I want to make it so that falling off a cliff means the character’s falling speed increases until he hits the ground, then use that impact speed to determine how much, if any, damage the character should take in the fall.  Still, I’m really excited a player can now stand on top of a box, or a fence, or whatever.  There is still plenty of adjusting to do.  For instance, I’m not sure what would happen if a player stood on a sloped roof.  My desire is that a character would slide down a steep slope but not on a shallow slope, but that will likely come later.  Now that the major pieces of my collision system are in place, I absolutely have to spend the time to refactor that part of the code to be more usable.  That will take at least a few days, but I’m happy to be moving forward again.

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