Windowed mode

Planning and Development

I’ve added the ability to run Lyridia in a “window.”

This is the game running at a resolution of 800×600.  You can see on my under-powered test machine that the game hits about 30FPS (right now) by doing this.  I can also scale the the game itself but it gets pretty garbled pretty quickly if you go below about 75%.

There’s obviously something about this I’m not getting right now, which is actually encouraging, because if I run the game at 800×600 then shrink the browser window down to remove the white space around the game display, I get this:

Notice the FPS is up to almost 60.  I don’t know if the browser is wasting a bunch of resources clearing and redrawing the big white border in the first shot, or if it’s some other process I don’t understand, but in any case the game can, right now, be run at nearly 60FPS at a resolution of 800×600 on my terrible test machine and that’s exciting.

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