Codex Magnus

Chronicles of Tright: Codex Magnus v00002 (2019.02.04)

Codex Magnus is a browser-based 2d role playing game in development. The latest version will always be posted here. The game is being developed incrementally so expect frequent, small updates. The goal is to always have a fully functioning game that can be played from start to finish. As a result, the game will start off in an unreasonably simplistic state but will grow over time.


v00002 (2019.02.04)

  • Walk around with WASD.
  • The character has basic walking animations for 4 directions. (Thanks to Time Fantasy for the placeholder sprites.)
  • A simple map created with Tiled loads into the background.
  • Phaser’s Arcade physics keeps the player from walking through bushes.
  • The game can still be finished in about 10 seconds.

v00001 (2019.02.01)

  • This initial release is barely a game but does technically have a way to start, a task to complete, and a way to finish the game.
  • It should take players about 10 seconds from start to finish.