Design time

The world editor is now back in business.  I can add assets, I can move them around and rotate them, I can move the terrain up and down, I can paint colors onto the terrain, and I can save the results.  That seems like a really small list of things that it can do for the amount of effort it has taken to create, but at least it works.  Now it’s time to step back a bit and really design the game’s first area, Penrith Forest.  I have a general picture in my head but I need to really know what I want players to be able to do before I just throw some mountains and trees together.  Obviously the first iteration will be just that, and I’m absolutely positive I’ll make numerous changes as more of the game develops, but this area sets the tone for the entire rest of the game so I need to make sure it makes sense from the beginning.  Hopefully my next post will have some screenshots from the world editor of Penrith Forest!

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